Success in Wheatland Township

One of the most well documented local political stories is that of the Wheatland Township building.  The previous board tried to build what many citizens felt was an unnecessary new building.  In fact, when the citizens organized a town hall on the issue, several hundred people voted against building a new building with only one voting for it.  That one person was the supervisor’s wife.

Several other reform-minded individuals and I decided to run for the Township offices on the platform of consolidating properties into the existing highway department building.  It was large enough to handle all services.   We also ran on the platform of reducing our property tax levy.

This April, we won our election.  We have consolidated our offices into the existing building without affecting services.  By increasing these efficiencies, we also have done something that may not have ever been done in Illinois before.  We reduced our 2014 property tax levy to $0.  It is an absolute win for the taxpayers.  This is the type of work we need completed in Springfield.  Completing this process took years and the hard work of many people.  Mark Batinick was just one of them.

We had two properties to sell.  After interviewing several real estate agents, the board did decide to hire Mark to sell them.  He is an award-winning,  local commercial Realtor.  Mark wanted to take the job on the premise that the Township donate the listing fees to charity.  After speaking with our attorney, it was recommended that the Township pay Mark for his services and let him donate directly.  We have sold one of the properties, and Mark has made good on his promise of donating to charity long ago.  I have the receipts.

Amanda Mancke is trying to mislead the public on this issue.  I’m not sure if she’s against lower property taxes, local charities, or both.  But it is certainly disappointing to see someone so desperate to do anything to hold office.  I endorse Mark Batinick for State Representative of the 97th District.

Chuck Kern

Wheatland Township Supervisor

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