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Mark Batinick Announces Candidacy

For State Representative in the 97th District

Plainfield, IL – Today Mark Batinick announced his candidacy for State Representative in the 97th District, currently held by Minority House Leader Tom Cross.

"Illinois is in crisis.  We are facing challenges never seen in our state's history.  Runaway debt, high taxes of all kinds, unfunded pension liabilities, the second-worst unemployment rate and the worst credit rating in the U.S. threaten the state that we love.  State universities are being priced out of the reach of the middle-class.  Many of our poorest are trapped in failing schools.  Medicaid doctors are not being paid.  We have even dramatically cut funding to our neediest of citizens—the mentally ill" said Mark Batinick, a self-employed businessman and political advocate.

"While the list of what ails us is long, the root cause of all of it can be boiled down to two things: a poor job climate and a lack of government reform.  As a small business owner whose clients are small businesses, I intimately know the challenges of job creation in the state.  As a citizen-reformer I understand the reforms necessary to make our government bodies function properly.”

Mark Batinick has been self-employed since he earned a B.S. in business education from the University of Illinois in 1992.  Besides owning his own company, he has consulted for hundreds of local small businesses.

Batinick is the founder of the Will County Liberty Club.  He is the current chairman of the For the Good of Illinois action committee.   Both organizations are dedicated to bringing transparency and efficiency to government—one at the local level and one at the state level.  He was the 2012 Republican nominee for Will County Auditor and is a sitting precinct committeeman.

"Right now we over-tax and over-regulate the job creators.  Illinois businesses pay more in property taxes and income taxes than in competing states.  Because of the lack of lawsuit reform, they also pay much more in insurance rates.  This dramatically affects the cost of doing business in Illinois.  It also does nothing to help the state's budget.  But the worst tax on Illinois businesses is the corruption tax.  It's there.  It's big.  It's real."

"There is good news.  Illinois is a resource-rich state.  We have some of the finest soil in the world.  We are strategically located in the middle of the country with a wealth of river, rail and road.  We have 75% of the world's fresh surface water in our backyard.  We have excellent universities, an able job force, and a world-class city.  Few regions of the country can match our agricultural, manufacturing and natural resource capabilities.  The only thing missing in Illinois is capable leadership."

"Most current Illinois politicians don't understand the cause of our situation.  Of those that do, few have the solutions or the willingness to implement the needed actions.  It's been a parade of gimmicks.  There's always a new tax or fee.  They have dramatically raised every sin tax.  Each new generation of politician seems to think that more gambling will solve the problem.  Expensive government projects are rolled out in the name of jobs with little foresight.  These strategies have not worked.  The only solution is to create a positive climate for the job-creators.  I know exactly what it will take to do that."

"It's no longer good enough to send ‘nice’ politicians to Springfield.  They may not be part of the problem, but they are not part of the solution.  We need bold leadership.  We need energetic individuals who are willing to do what is right for the citizens of Illinois.  We need individuals with the experience required for our trying times.  I am one of those individuals.  That is why I am officially announcing my candidacy for State Representative of the 97th District."

Mark Batinick and his wife Ellen reside in Plainfield with their five children.

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