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If elected, I will propose that the General Assembly place on the ballot a constitutional amendment that would loosen the strict requirements of citizen ballot initiatives.  The people of Illinois could then vote to give themselves more authority. This will give the citizens the same rights that many have in other states.  It will give us the opportunity to do the hard work to change the state that the politicians have been unable to do.  

The political power is concentrated with the few in Illinois.  It's not working.  We need to shift the power back to the people. Please join me in supporting The People's Amendment of Illinois.

Read the language of the People's Amendment HERE

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Taxation Without Representation is the actionable philosophy of Springfield toward those of us who are not in their old-boy entourage.
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I’d like to place several signs in my yard ASAP
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I am the State Lead for Term Limits for US Congress, Illinois. My son Kevin is a freshman at Truman State and met your daughter there. We have similar political interests. Please join my facebook group at Term Limits For US Congress – Illinois
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Sign the petition: People's Amendment Petition
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Sign the petition: People's Amendment Petition
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I support The Peoples Amendment


Sara Shahbazi just joined.

Paid for by Friends of Mark Batinick.  A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is, or will be, available on the Board's official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections Springfield, IL.

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